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Saturday, September 01, 2012

America's Cup AC72 Launching

The launching of the AC72 Amercia's Cup catamaran was a truly spectacular day. We were fortunate enough to be part of the launch day VIP party as well. A great evening and perfect weather. Craig and the Team NZ guys worked their butts off to get it all done in time, and they deserved all the praise. Well done Team!

The wing is 38m high, and the cat hulls are 22m long and 14m wide. What a machine!...This catamaran is the first of two Team NZ will build for the 2013 America's Cup. The 72-footers will be used for the Louis Vuitton Cup for challengers and the America's Cup match, both to be held on San Francisco Bay next year so pretty exciting stuff really!

It can only be sailed 30 days between launch day and 31st Jan 2013 so testing has to be programmed strategically to make sure they make the most of each day of testing on the harbour. - the chase boats have heaps of grunt on them just to try to keep up with them! 

 Totally unnerving watching a boat being hoisted on dry land - it's heartstopping!

 and then comes the wing....
 The wing is something else isn't it!

The AC72 heading to the launch area

 Awaiting her ceremonious welcome.  What a day to be in the Viaduct!

 Feeding time at the Zoo!  The lads dive into some well deserved tucker.

 Freya knows how exciting the moment is for New Zealand and is right at the heart of it!
 Freya liked the look of Ray Davies hat...she thought it was a possumn.

Capturing the moment with Dean Barker, helmsman of the beast in the background.

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