"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mazuran's Maiden Voyage

We woke on board after launching day to an amazing sunrise.  It was then decided that a motor run was in order for Mazuran's maiden voyage. Because they are new engines we wanted to start giving them some load and seeing if anything was going to need attention.  After inviting our VIP's to come aboard, we headed off to the Nine Pin, then across to Indigo Bay at Urupukapuka Island.  The Bay of Islands is truely spectacular, and we have many more bays we wish to explore.  It was lovely to spend time 'on board', and even do dishes in the galley that we designed!

 The day after launching - clear and beautiful!

 Craig and his dad, Paul, admiring the view on the bow.

 Freya and her new best friend, Ari. Such an awesome boat dog! 

Gordon assuming the position as captain! 

 The first 'official dip' from the crew.. glorious Bay of Islands weather.

Dougal, Naomi and their adorable boat dog, Ari!  He was SO keen for a swim!

 Mum and Alan, enjoying the prime spot on the foredeck - it's very comfortable!

 Blake raising the centreboards.  That boy has some muscle power!

 Our second sunset.  Pretty nice view eh!

Very tired, but very excited to be on board, enjoying our boat.  The start of a new chapter!

Mazuran's Launching Day!

Wow, we have actually made it!  Mazuran's launching day was absolutely PERFECT!

Craig and I didn't sleep that night, we were awake so decided to go to the boat at 3:30am and watch her being  moved down the road.  When we woke the kids up their first words were "is the truck taking the boat Mummy?" so they knew exactly what was going on.  We were thinking they were going to go back to sleep again once in the van, but no, they wanted to watch the boat moving on the truck!

Moving Mazuran from my the front lawn of my parents place - they can finally see the front garden they planted over 3 years ago!

 Excuse me,...coming through....

 Our new home, ready for transportation at 4am

Hi-ab lifting in the starboard centreboard.

Our wonderful helpers, John Hughes, Dave Blair and Alan Yardley - Thank you to you all!  You were amazing!

 Mazuran's chief crew - ready for the BIG day!

 Standing the rig - always a nerve wracking thing to watch!

 Dave Blair and Craig putting on the forestays

 Craig putting the sidestays together

  Mazuran ready to go down the ramp

My amazing Mum and I shortly before Mazuran takes the plunge

Her first touch of water

 A perfect TEAM!  Craig and I celebrate all our hard work together!

 A very SURREAL feeling - we made it!

 My Dad and step mum Jackie, enjoying a good laugh from the camera man!.. you are SO FUNNY Craig!

 We are very grateful to have such wonderful friends and family, enjoying a perfect evening! (what's wrong with a holey biminy?? haha!)

 Waterline is somewhat down in the stern... and a glorious rainbow joined the festivites!

 Our first sunset aboard Mazuran

It was the perfect Launching Day.  We reckon we couldn't have asked for anything more.. it was totally surreal.  Everyone helped out where they could, and we cannot thank you all enough for all the effort and time you have put into helping us.  It was truely wonderful to see you all, and look forward to having many more adventures with you in the future!

A special mention to my mum Eileen and step dad, Alan, who have put up with us for over 3.5 years having a huge boat on their front lawn, and opening their home (and shed) to us with warmth and understanding on our huge project.  It is so very much appreciated, and we cannot thank you enough for your amazing generosity.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mazuran's Shiny Coat

The topcoat is on!  After lots of preparation and checking the weather forecast daily we found the weather window and have completed the topcoat.  Mazuran has her shiny new coat.  All we need are lots of fenders to avoid the scratches!  (Funny how we can be so precious about the 'paint job' until the first scratch.)   But the hulls do look very shiny.  I take my hat off to Craig who was awesome at spraying - such a professional!  Another talent of his many.   Needless to say my nostril hairs are only just back to normal.

I have applied a few more coats of antifoul - she has her new coat of lipstick on, ready for her big day...

The truck is booked!!  Launching day is Friday 10th February 2012!  I am both excited and nervous at the same time!

 Alan Yardley helping us with the centreboard jury rig - thank goodness they had a rather large spinnaker pole that we could use for this - it was perfect for lifting centreboards up and down!

 Undercoat is applied - it was great to see a solid colour going on!

 Craig spraying topcoat - amazing to watch him paint - very fluent and great to watch.

 Spot the reflection!

 Unwrapping his present!

Freya loves unwrapping presents! .....

 .....and so do I!

Mazuran with her new shiny coat..now all she needs is a bit of salt spray!