"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Monday, October 10, 2011

One fish, Two fish....

WOW! ....We are so impressed with the kids progress in their water skills.  They both received their certificates for their awesome progress. (Very proud parents).

Freya is definately turning into a mermaid - absolutely loves getting the rings off the bottom of the pool and "teaching herself".. by this I mean she watches others swimming, then tries it herself!.. I'm sure she is growing gills as she spends most of her time underwater!  Very cool!  She loved using flippers - just need to get her a mask and snorkel and for her to recognise what a scallop looks like underwater in the sand!

Blake is constantly moving and loves swimming out to us in the pool, then diving down to get the rings, but his favourite is definately walking/running underwater and doing widths of the pool, fast!

Once again we thank the awesome people who are supporting us! 

The Invisible Tramp Slug

"Slug" .. That is such a perculiar word!  (To me, anyway!)

In researching the word 'slug' I have found SO many different definitions!  They ranged from small bullets to terrestrial gastropods (garden slugs) to a shot of liquor!  Excellent!  Nope this "slug" is none of those really, although the last one sounds good!  (Although after a wee while there might be a slimy mold - but nothing a bit of routine maintenance cannot fix!) 

The slugs I'm talking about here are tramp slugs. 

Fixing tramps always strike conversations with multihull owners - they are often trying to solve many a problem when it comes to lashing tramps.  In many hours of researching we decided to come up with our own trial for the new tramp track that we replaced on the side of Mazuran's hulls.  We wanted something that was tidy and most importantly easy to maintain by ourselves.  Although a bit fiddly to knot or two were needed, we think it is a good solution and named it the "Invisible Slug" because of the way it disappears into the slot.  I suppose "hidden" might have been a better word to use, but "invisible" sounds more mysterious!   

Note: Those with limited amount of patience should not try this!

So to those who were wondering about slugs in high heels and red lipstick, or the garden sort, this will hopefully satisfy your curiosity!

Isn't it so sleek and tidy! Pretty flash if you ask me.

We currently have alloy beams across the front and in the centre, so 'standard' slugs are being used for lashing (as you can see in this picture above), but plans for composite beams and more invisible slugs are on the plans for the future!

The tramps are tapered so they are proving to be quite challenging for the lashing, but I will cover that in a later post.  All good fun though!

Nothing like a good challenge.