"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

The Boat & Crew

I thought that the history of Mazuran deserved another page on the blog as it has certainly done a few miles from where it was born!

When Mazuran was designed and built in 1988 by Alexander Simonis, one of the main designers at Simonis-Voogd. Mazuran was named originally as Jingle Bells and a lot of people know of her from having that name.  She was the first offshore catamaran that Alex Simonis designed and sailed on the maiden voyage from South Africa.

She looked somewhat different to what she does now.  There have been a few modifications from previous owners, and then our own additions to make her the boat she is today.  We still plan to do more mods, but those can wait while we enjoy living on her.  The kids are currently loving having areas to stick stickers, put up homeschooling classroom ideas and we want to use the boat without having to feel too precious about the paintwork while the kids are still young and there are fish to catch!

Some of her details are as follows:

Length: 44ft (13.5m)
Width: 6.0m
Draft: 0.6m with centreboards up

To see Mazuran's salvage post click here.

The Crew
We are a family of four who live aboard our 44ft offshore sailing catamaran.  We were all born in New Zealand with the love for the sea all in us.

My name is Karen Taylor and I am a mum to beautiful children, Freya and Blake.  I am an Architect by profession but have taken a few years off to homeschool the kids and enjoy everyday with them.  I find that being a mum, homeschooler and organizer of everyday things just as busy (if not more) than an office job, but being with my family makes it so much more worthwhile.  I find that I can continue being creative with the kids both on and off the boat.  My partner Craig Nickalls is a boatbuilder and a wonderful father, partner, crew and team member on board our boat. Check out our homeschooling blog at http://homeschoolingonboard.blogspot.co.nz/.

Freya was 4 when we moved aboard our boat in February 2012 and on our 3rd day aboard she caught the first legal snapper and was super excited!  She has now an addiction to fishing!  She loves being on board Mazuran, and is often designing items of clothing out of masking tape for her Barbies, or being creative using Origami methods.  Freya loves teaching herself how to swim and we are swimming often.  She is now getting into photography, and loves picking up the camera to see weird and wonderful things around us.  Her love for nature is often seen when she gets interested in how, when, why, what questions and that means that we may spend a day researching and investigating.

Blake was 2 when we moved aboard Mazuran and has always loved the curved floor for his cars to zoom!  He loves moving about the boat, pushing his boundaries and exploring the natural world around him.  He loves casting his fishing rod, and after catching a huge snapper in summer 2013 is constantly wanting to catch another!  He loves looking at books, racing his cars and building carbon fibre tracks for them too!  He's also got his own toolkit and is often in his workshop (the cockpit) making something creative with hammer and nails.

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