"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Boat Friendly Recipes

Welcome to the Boat Friendly Recipes page!

I thought I'd add this page so it not only allows me to share recipes with everyone else, but also to make all my boat recipes all together and not scattered all over the galley bench!

I hope you will find something interesting in here.  I generally use whatever fresh fruit and veges that are in season, and whatever is easy to cook!  I am currently finding out what 'keeps' and what doesn't, so my recipes may be adapted to suit those.   I may post recipes from other sources, but will reference these where possible.  Feel free to adapt your own recipes and share with others!

While on the marina, we have use of a bench oven that is 230v powered, and a small electric food processor.  Any other cooking, chopping, mixing is either done by hand, or with our 2 burner Origo Alcohol Stove.  I will try to note what I have used where possible!



Main Meals

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