"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finally! Daddy's return to NZ

After 8 looooong weeks apart, it was a real magic moment to see Craig at the airport.  The kids and I were SO excited to see him, I was actually nervous!!!

Blake said soon after his hug "Daddy, did you remember to bring the tablet back?".  Talk about priorities! All the way home he was making sure he did actually bring it back! And you guessed what they did as soon as we got back?  They wanted to watch Charlie Chapman of all things!!

A goodie bag from AIR NZ always is a treat, and they were super excited to get theirs from Daddy.

Friday, July 05, 2013

ETNZ at America's Cup Opening Ceremony

Craig and the team were invited to the "official" America's Cup Opening Ceremony today, so they had the afternoon of 30+ degrees sitting and being on stage.  

(Craig is staring at the camera in the centre of the photo)

He loved having the break from the ETNZ base and managed to get himself famous in this short ETNZ video.  See if you can see him.. he does a nice action shot...

Photos & Video: ETNZ