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Friday, July 05, 2013

ETNZ at America's Cup Opening Ceremony

Craig and the team were invited to the "official" America's Cup Opening Ceremony today, so they had the afternoon of 30+ degrees sitting and being on stage.  

(Craig is staring at the camera in the centre of the photo)

He loved having the break from the ETNZ base and managed to get himself famous in this short ETNZ video.  See if you can see him.. he does a nice action shot...

Photos & Video: ETNZ


  1. rooting for NZ :) how's it going?

  2. They've won two of the first races basically because their opposition is boycotting the racing until there is a favourable outcome from the jury regarding changes to the rules...rudder 'wings'. Typical legal controversy that surrounds the America's Cup. So they are doing great! Just doing the racing by themselves to get points, and for training! Pretty silly really. Hopefully their opponent will turn up for their racing this weekend.