"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mazuran's Maiden Voyage

We woke on board after launching day to an amazing sunrise.  It was then decided that a motor run was in order for Mazuran's maiden voyage. Because they are new engines we wanted to start giving them some load and seeing if anything was going to need attention.  After inviting our VIP's to come aboard, we headed off to the Nine Pin, then across to Indigo Bay at Urupukapuka Island.  The Bay of Islands is truely spectacular, and we have many more bays we wish to explore.  It was lovely to spend time 'on board', and even do dishes in the galley that we designed!

 The day after launching - clear and beautiful!

 Craig and his dad, Paul, admiring the view on the bow.

 Freya and her new best friend, Ari. Such an awesome boat dog! 

Gordon assuming the position as captain! 

 The first 'official dip' from the crew.. glorious Bay of Islands weather.

Dougal, Naomi and their adorable boat dog, Ari!  He was SO keen for a swim!

 Mum and Alan, enjoying the prime spot on the foredeck - it's very comfortable!

 Blake raising the centreboards.  That boy has some muscle power!

 Our second sunset.  Pretty nice view eh!

Very tired, but very excited to be on board, enjoying our boat.  The start of a new chapter!

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