"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Month Aboard!

Wow, hasn’t time flown! We have been living aboard for over an entire month!  There hasn’t been much sunshine as of yet apart from the first week after launching, so we are still hoping it does appear before winter approaches.    Kids are enjoying being aboard, and now call it "home" which is great.  They have adapted so well, and we are amazed to watch them as they have very few toys aboard, but manage to have such great fun making up new games, drawing and enjoying the blustery south easterlies.  They are enjoying being able to have their own 'jobs' aboard, and have found that bosun's chair swinging is a great treat!

We have had two low pressure systems within 1 week that have made us retreat to the cozyness of the cabin, or to the shed to clean up our trail of fiberglass off cuts, resin and piles of materials that were used on Mazuran.  There is so much stuff that accumulates on and off boats, in sheds and around sheds.  Boating is a huge part of the kiwi culture both on and off the water - some will attempt the rough channel in pursuit of a catch for dinner in 35-40knots.  (We did notice that they did come back to haul their boat about 15 mins later, all soaked, but in good spirits!), and there is always a good turn out for the racing that has been organised locally - great for us to watch in our prime spot!

Checking of forecasts has become more of a daily thing now, although watch the weather on the news has always been part of our family ever since I can remember.  Making sure we have up to date data means we can plan our day on or off the water, and for the safety of the boat that we now call our "home".  

Freya caught the first legal snapper on board Mazuran

The boys attempt to match the talley that the girls have!

Watching lightening and thunder over inland while we were in sunshine!

Can't have a boat without a swiiiiiing! 

 Junior monkey man has been watching his daddy!

 Out on deck with wind building

 Another glorious sunset

 Watching Rikki and Vim race in the Wednesday night racing... Vim held them off for a good start!

 M1 and Rikki battling downwind light airs

The resident Black Back gull, every morning on the same hatch, waiting for the kids to greet it.

Spotting dolphins! WOW! They are sure something special!

Ropes have been threaded through sheaves, sails on board, and we have been SAILING at last!  What a milestone!  It only took us 6 weeks of working on a bit each day to get it all up and running – but Mazuran is now a yacht.  Much healthier for a boat with a stick to actually be able to sail.  It didn’t seem quite right to have to motor everywhere, and now we feel slightly less vulnerable for we have another means of moving around the ocean.  A lovely Bay of Islands sailing breeze meant we could hoist the sails and enjoy the quiet.  

 Genneka drifting - "Sweet Sunshine" alright!  

Laid back genneka sailing. Kids sorting out where all the colours go.

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