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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mazuran's Shiny Coat

The topcoat is on!  After lots of preparation and checking the weather forecast daily we found the weather window and have completed the topcoat.  Mazuran has her shiny new coat.  All we need are lots of fenders to avoid the scratches!  (Funny how we can be so precious about the 'paint job' until the first scratch.)   But the hulls do look very shiny.  I take my hat off to Craig who was awesome at spraying - such a professional!  Another talent of his many.   Needless to say my nostril hairs are only just back to normal.

I have applied a few more coats of antifoul - she has her new coat of lipstick on, ready for her big day...

The truck is booked!!  Launching day is Friday 10th February 2012!  I am both excited and nervous at the same time!

 Alan Yardley helping us with the centreboard jury rig - thank goodness they had a rather large spinnaker pole that we could use for this - it was perfect for lifting centreboards up and down!

 Undercoat is applied - it was great to see a solid colour going on!

 Craig spraying topcoat - amazing to watch him paint - very fluent and great to watch.

 Spot the reflection!

 Unwrapping his present!

Freya loves unwrapping presents! .....

 .....and so do I!

Mazuran with her new shiny coat..now all she needs is a bit of salt spray!

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