"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Saturday, September 01, 2012

A kids life!

People often ask "how are the kids coping?" ... Well.. the kids have adapted great, and the LOVE living on the boat - even my Nanny was surprised with their answer!  It is certainly full of socialising, and general day to day things. There is always entertainment and the kids make friends so easily with the locals! 

 There is nothing like being able to spread your wings...

 Kids in the spa at Uncle Gordon's place - who poured half the container of soap in it???

 ahhh....the luxuries!!

 TJ and the TIP TOP regulars... 

 Freya and Lukas hiding.  Lukas was born the day after Freya and Lukas's mum and I have been best friends since primary school!  

yet another visit to the Tip Top parlour!

 Blake wanting to help scrub the cockpit in the middle of winter of course!

 Freya and Blake, watching the Friday Night Rum Racing

 Freya thinks they lit the Skytower with rainbow colours after all it has been raining and there have been lots of rainbows.

 Blake chilling out...

 Testing the strength of a clothesline!

 Our little water baby

Giant Jumping pillows - always good fun!

 all these balloons for me???? Enjoying the birthday celebrations on the Waterfront. 

 Aboard the William C Daldy 

 1st and 2nd mate aboard the William C Daldy

Air hockey at it's smallest

Baking on board - rainbow cookies! YUM!

 Enjoying socializing in the Viaduct on board other cats!

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