"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Friday, June 29, 2012

Big City Lights!

Wow, what a month it has been! We have gone from sitting on a swing mooring at Paihia, mooching around the Bay of Islands, to tied up to Auckland’s Viaduct Basin all within 24 hours! Basically to cut a long story short, Craig has a contract to work with Team NZ on the America’s Cup 72ft racing catamaran. So this is what our next few months will be, and what more perfect timing!

One of the Team NZ America's Cup 33 trial boats - it's super impressive seeing them sailing in and out of the harbour.  
The kids always yell out to them, pure NZ kiwi fan club!

Huge thanks to Alan, my step dad who helped us bring Mazuran down the coast, and to mum for the support and being the shore crew. You both have helped us in so many ways, and cannot thank you enough!

Alan, relaxed but tired at the helm, after a long trip down the coast.  Thank you!

My old playground - the Hauraki Gulf! What a great day to welcome Mazuran to the HG!

Craig’s first day at work started by going to work in the dinghy and now he is known as the "guy who comes to work by dinghy!" We sometimes catch him at lunch time too, and the kids love seeing him during the day too.   It’s all so busy in the city!  At night we don’t really need to use our cabin lights as the city lights are so bright!  Our neighbours are very shiny and often over 100ft long, and have many crew much tidier than ours.  I was asked recently if I was “the nanny”….I had to laugh! 

Craig's first day of work! Not may guys can say they went to work by dinghy!

We have had so many visitors! Every day since we’ve been here we have had friends come aboard - it’s been a blast and we’ve only been here 1 month!  I must admit being in the city again is quite motivating; you tend to speed up your ‘time’, plus its great entertainment, and fantastic areas for the kids to run around and scooter.  They absolutely love it....

The old tracks along the wharves make great scooter paths

Craig and his dad Paul enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the end of the wharf of the 'Cloud'.

The 'Cloud' - what a funky boat building shed it would be!

We were fortunate to see Steinlager 2 to return to her home, she is now in the basin along with many other previous yachts that were mainly to do with Sir Peter Blake.  A phenomenal man who did so much to New Zealand yachting.  Our ‘Blake’ is even named after him!

Welcome home Steinlager II!

The kids have loved the new addition to the Wynyard Quarter - a Tip Top "Pop-Up Parlour".  Basically it's a tip top ice cream shop in a shipping container.  We happen to watch it being unloaded off the truck (Blake was most excited to see it being unloaded with a hi-ab "just like the one that did our mast" he said.  Very observant!  But the best was yet to come.. we were the first 'customers' so then got the free-bees.  We are now known as the 'regulars'.. and they absolutely love the kids - we have loads of promo stuff on board now!  Very exciting for them, and a bonus that the kiddie cones are suitable for us adults too!  A perfect dessert in winter!

Mazuran, blending in.....

Our neighbours....

The Sky Tower looking pretty

Lots of vessels have come and gone from the Viaduct. One of the larger monos was Beau Geste, a 80ft monohull that was competing in the Auckland - Noumea race. They were unfortunate to fall off a wave half way through the race and do some pretty major structural damage to the boat and retreat to Norfolk Island. While they were in Auckland, we had the privilege to go on board, take photos and enjoy talking to the crew. The kids loved it also.

Queens birthday weekend we managed to escape to Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf.  A great sail on the Sunday followed by dolphins, then Monday was a lovely relaxing return back to the Viaduct.

Our morning sunrises are amazing!

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