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Saturday, February 08, 2014

World A-Class Championships & Prelims, Takapuna Beach, Auckland

While half of New Zealand are out on their own boats for the summer, there are often other sailing regattas happening that bring others passionate in sailing to our beautiful country for few weeks of our summer period.  The World A-Class Championships were held at Takapuna Beach, Auckland and had many sailors from all over the world come in and have a race against some of the top sailors in world racing.  We saw them both on and off the water, and it was a great week for most, with only a few damages to boats.  The boats looked as though they were on skates, zooming effortlessly across the water as if they were on ice.  Some of the boats showed trials of foiling systems, additions to rudders, with tiny bits of carbon fibre attached at strategic places for even the slightest improvement in performance could be a gain valuable points.

In the previous weeks Craig was very fortunate to be asked by Pete Melvin to work on his A-Cat in preparation of the World Championships.  Craig had worked with Pete at Emirates Team New Zealand for the America's Cup and formed a great friendship both Pete and his family who are all very much dedicated to sailing among other great sports.  It was quite an amazing shift from working on a AC72 to a small beach sized A-Cat, yet still trying to push the boundaries of technology.  A lot of these regattas are the pivotal point of where the leap of technology can be gained and then utilised in larger regattas such as the America's Cup. 

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