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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Serious Rollerblading - Pavel Hajek

We first met Pavel Hajek and his girlfriend Tamara while having a spa in the Tepid Baths.  Pavel comes from Czech Republic while Tamara from Slovenia both currently working as translators and enjoying world-wide travelling together.

We met them again not long after, when Pavel had set up his 'slalom cones' along the Karanga Plaza not far from us.  He amazed us with his skills and techniques in roller-blading and the kids were often a magnet to his skating and would watch him in with amazement. (We found that many of the locals workers and residents often talked about his skills in 'waterfront' conversation too).  He gave the kids hints and tips for roller-blading and showed us the 'trick wheels' he uses. I thought just writing about it wasn't doing it justice, so I thought I'd post his recent video.  (Being a perfectionist in skating he said he's not 100% happy with it and will probably be happier with a video that might be done in a year from now!)

So here's 2 and half minutes of Pavel's roller-blading that we will miss as part of our every-day (and evening) waterfront entertainment!

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  1. Hi sailors, of course I don't mind you posting thevideo, on the contrary, I'm happy you liked it. Greets from Dunedin where we're skating under 'NO Rollerblades' signs ;-)