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Friday, February 15, 2013

Family Gathering

It's been a bit of a sad month with the passing of not only my step-grandfather, Douglas Tarrant, but also a couple of our family friends  Sue Gemmell and most recently Susan Satterthwaite, both who I have known since I was young.   Our thoughts are always with you, and sympathy goes to the families.  There are many fond memories that will be with us for a very long time.

We had "Poppa Tarrant's" funeral at the Pt Chevalier RSA, quite appropriate really, as he and Nana spent a lot of their time there.  The funeral director Kay Gregory, did a great job, and expressed what we felt very  much, that Poppa was a family man - family was everything to him.  He especially loved the young ones, and enjoyed them around him.  Blake would often call him 'Poppa Paul', as he couldn't quite remember which "Poppa" he was talking to.  Doug thought this quite a laugh and went along with it answering to anything that would identify him any Poppa.

A recent photo of Nana & Poppa Tarrant is a nice memory of them.

 After the funeral we had a gathering at Nana's, and we shared old videos of some of the "Garage Gatherings" (quite funny really), and a family BBQ. It was a lovely time, and felt very homely.

I took a few pictures of some of the kids - it's kind of funny that they are the 'next generation'.  That used to be us!  I remember running around the neighbourhood playing go-home-stay-home, and splashing around in the pool (only just being able to touch the bottom!)...  So we are now the 'mums and dads' to watch them grow, and be the ones to splash in the pool....

 Poor Nana's trolley... 

Troy being a 'big kid'

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