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Friday, October 22, 2010

The New Back End

The transom area is the next to get the makeover and after deciding to put in an 'eyebrow' step to transition from stern to cockpit, we decided to re-arrange the whole back end!  If things are going to get re-designed, we thought this is a pretty important area to consider.

New transom steps now incorporate the drum rudder system that is accessed by opening a lid.  Rudders can be fully retracted to allow beaching or shallow water anchoring (and of course cleaning!).

The steps are so much better than the old ones (see picture below), as they now include a large platform to the bottom with dinghy painter holes, or for general tying up of various things like boarding ladders which is yet to be designed.  (Apparently the stainless steel ladders are too heavy to have on board!)  That's another story!

So the spunky new 'wings' are at the base, with curved steps flowing up toward the eyebrow step.  All easy to walk up and down - the real test is when we're in a bit of a chop with gear bags, groceries and kids all trying to head up them at the same time!

All that needs to be done is the painting bit .. um, that's where I come in.  I did intend to paint them the other day, so within the next couple of weeks the paint should be done. I did say "should be"..

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