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Friday, October 30, 2009

Stair view from the top

Since the drum rudders, we have moved to the transom steps where there were different ideas between Boatbuilder and Architect and the view from the 'top'....risers, treads and bull noses were the main subject for a wee while, and the decision was made.  The smallest detail was discussed and had to be just 'right'.

Here is where we have noticed there is a difference between boats and buildings. Boats still are not determined by common authority, but by customisation of how the occupiers are going to feel, how their visitors are going to feel using them - ease of use while holding piles of shopping, and of course to bring in the big fish before it gets away!...

So the steps have been re-designed to accommodate a new boarding platform (with oversized holes I suggested for easy dinghy rope attachment), plus the addition of another step to make it easier to get into the cockpit. Its got curves and flicks and everything...but it makes it kinda cool for our transom to have 'eyebrows'...

I really like the way that this boat is getting 'bling', it really makes it more of our own boat, with Craig's talent and good eye for things that will give it a special character, things that are often from thinking outside the square.

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