"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Sky Tower is Crying!

Master Blake said to me today, "Mum, come and have a look at this!"
I then asked him, "What can you see?"
He then told me, "Mum, the Sky Tower is crying!"

I just thought to myself, what a great observation!
(and couldn't resist a photo)


  1. nice observation - future writer or poet? :D is it caused by sloping rain or what happened?

    p.s. really like the third photo of Ulysses

  2. future comedian I reckon! Yes, it's from the North East rain. Thanks for the comments Paval, much appreciated! Ulysses is such a mammoth boat, I was amazed they actually got out without hitting anything! Hope you guys are good :-)

    1. oops, spelt your name wrong, sorry! Pavel! (I have been spelling something with two 'a's in it today for Freya's schoolwork!)