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Monday, April 08, 2013

La Loupiote on a "Circusnavigation"

Being in the Viaduct we have the front row seats to any events that happen to appear around us.  Over summer we were entertained by a french family that travel the world doing acrobatics aboard their boat to audiences on land.  This is their second stop in the Viaduct and they position their 'stage' in front of the tidal steps and enjoy the audience both on the bridge and sitting on the steps.  Franck, Delphine, Loeva & Ondja live aboard their vessel and are currently our neighbours.  

Their shows are 3pm and 5pm from Thursday to Sunday until the 21st April 2013 and with the evening sunset the 5pm show is quite spectacular!  They ask for donations to assist with their travelling and some of the countries have included Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Carribean Islands, Canada, USA, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii & French Polynesia.  They have done more than 600 shows!  

Take a look at their website www.voilierspectacle.com 


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  1. Hi Karen, nice photos again :) I remember those guys well, they were very good, nice memories come back. Good to hear you enjoy such a warm days. We've already left Bangkok, the last two weeks there were as in an oven - 40°C during the day with "drops" to 33°C in the night. Now we're in my beloved Seoul in Korea and are freezing a bit in around 10°C :) but this spring is coming and the trees start to blossom so I'm looking forward to another spring :) after the NZ one in Viaduct :) Greets to the small swimmers :)