"Good water, good life; poor water, poor life; no water, no life" Sir Peter Blake

Monday, March 18, 2013

Unitary Plan Designers, Viaduct Events Centre

While the good ol' councilors were doing their 'thing' inside the Viaduct Events Centre, they just needed to look outside to see the new designers of the future.  Blake with the sand.... (that's all you need right??), and Freya with some pink stuff, totally at ease with gluing and making stuff to propose to the mayor when he gets free from eating oysters inside!

Apart from the political side, it was great for the kids to play with so much more than we have on board Mazuran so my dad and I just sat and watched as they designed their 'Future Auckland' sculptures.  The Youth Town Marquee had so many goodies, it was hard to stop creating!

Blake very much enjoying himself with sand....

Milk anyone? 

 One of the many tables with loads of goodies... and I didn't take a photo of the floor!


" Oops, I have a leak....."

"Ok, leak fixed, I'm done.." 

Freya making sure she has her copyright sorted 

 "The Curtained Amphitheature" by Freya Nickalls

The urban designer with her masterpiece

A bonus from there was the super long straws that we used then to have a well earned drink afterwards!  Although they were large, they produced a science problem, which we then solved with cutting the straw shorter.  We then discussed how heights of hoses produce problems when pumping water!  There is always something we can learn about practically!

Ready, set, go!

Poppa Steve helping with the long straw problem.

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