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Monday, September 05, 2011

Two Halves Make a Whole

Hooray! It's very exciting to see the foils being made!  

First centreboard is completed out of the mould and the second has been started.  This means we will be able to sail to windward without going sideways - that's always a bonus for a yacht. 

Boards are are 4 metres long x 600mm wide, so there is a bit of beef to them.  Haven't weighed them yet, but expect them to be around 55-60kg each.  Anybody who has built these before definately will know how much work goes into them.  They are a combination of foam, carbon fibre, fibreglass, cedar and 246 TG resin and several buckets of elbow grease.  Next we need to attach lifting ropes and somehow put them down the centrecases without hiring a crane! 

I admire Craig's enthusiasm and excitement in making both the rudders and centreboards - he has a passion for foils which makes him so determined to make them work.  This is like the "reward" for all his long months sanding and grinding the not-so-enjoyable jobs. 

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